Vice Mayor Qi Ming met with Vice president Zhao Haiming team in Shenyang

On march 21 , Qi Ming, vice mayor of Shenyang, had a meeting with Zhao haiming, the chairman of CNAICO Exhibit...More

Copyfrom: Inputtime: 2013-03-22

The first conference of budget management committee was held

On the morning of March 19th, CNAICO held the first conference of budget management committee, in which the prog...More

Copyfrom: Inputtime: 2013-03-21

Baotou Qingshan District Secretary Zhang Jianzhong and Director Guo wenhuan visit Sinomach

On March 19th, the Sinomach vice president Ding hongxiang met with the visiting secretary Zhang Jianzhong and Dir...More

Copyfrom: Inputtime: 2013-03-19

Unite-Idea Advertising Co., Ltd. Go abroad for International Construction Machinery Exhibition in Germany

Step into World-Class Exhibition and Engineering ServicesConcerned by all international construction machinery industr...More

Copyfrom: Inputtime: 2013-03-18

SINOMACH Resource Integration Strategy Research Group visited CNAICO

In order to further enhancing the leading role of the Strategic Planning in the group resource integration and e...More

Copyfrom: Inputtime: 2013-03-18

Research on Beijing Unite-Idea Advertising Co., Ltd. by company leadership

On March 15, President Ji Xuecheng, Vice President Jing Yongjian and Peng Mingjing, Deputy Secretary of Communist...More

Copyfrom: Inputtime: 2013-03-18

Vice President Jing Yongjian had an Interview with Media

On March 15, CNAICO vice President Jing Yongjian accepted an interview with magazine < China International Confere...More

Copyfrom: Inputtime: 2013-03-18

Chairman assistant Jiang hui of Futai motor Co.ltd.visits CNAICO

On march 13, the vice president of Qiao Gong met with visiting Chairman assistant Jiang hui team in our company...More

Copyfrom: Inputtime: 2013-03-13

JAC Chairman Mr. An Jin visited CNAICO

Mr. An Jin, JAC Chairman, visited the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) on March 12, 2013....More

Copyfrom: Inputtime: 2013-03-12

Unite-Idea Advertising Co. Successfully Accomplished the Contractor Work of IPPR 60th Anniversary Celebration Meeting

On March 8, China IPPR International Engineering Corporation&rsquo;s 60th Anniversary Celebration Meeting was held i...More

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2019 China Machinery & Intelligent Manufacturing Brand Show (Malaysia) Held

From August 28 to 31, the China Machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing (Malaysia) Brand Show was held i



Writing a new chapter for the Belt and Road—China and Belarus Exhibition of Goods and Services Opens

On June 30th, Minsk, the capital of Belarus, welcomed many business visitors from China, as the China and



85th China Automobile Parts Fair had a grand opening in Shijiazhuang

From April 12th to 14th, 2019, the 85th China Automobile Parts Fair jointly sponsored by the China Machiner



The 19th China (Hangzhou) International Automobile Industry Exhibition · Spring Fair Held Successfully

The 19th China International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Hangzhou) · Spring Fair (hereinafter referred to



The president Ji Xuecheng met Qiu Lihua, the deputy director of Zhengzhou Research Institute for abrasives and grinding

In 23rd April, the president met Qiu Lihua, the deputy director of Zhengzhou Research Institute for abrasives and...



CNAICO vice president Qiao Gong visited Geely Automobile Research Institution

Recently, CNAICO vice president Qiao Gong and JATCO Co., Ltd vice president Morihiro Shinji had a meeting with G...

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